Author: Nicole Andrade

Are You A Techie?

Are you a technical person? I am often asked that question. Why? Does the answer matter? I believe most are curious and ask simply to understand how to communicate with me. Or, perhaps the person is trying to figure out which box to tick next to my name. I get that. But, really, aren’t we

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Announcing XOOM Version 1.0.0 General Availability

Scottsdale, AZ USA, January 10, 2020 Today XOOM announced a major milestone, the release of the XOOM version 1.0.0 GA. General availability follows the steady increase in numerous essential tools and features in support of simplifying reactive, event-driven, microservices architectures. “Our growing team of advanced developers has focused on the tools that are commonly used

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Meet our Trainers – Tomasz

We love our handpicked trainers! Here is an opportunity for you to get to know Tomasz Jaskula, our trainer for French and Polish IDDD Workshops. Tomasz Jaskula Tomasz, you’ve known Vaughn for many years. How did you meet? I had the pleasure of meeting Vaughn in person in 2013 during one of the first IDDD

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Reactive Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of individuals in Amsterdam who participated in the Reactive Domain-Driven Design with the XOOM/PLATFORM day.  Wow! That’s a mouthfull! Some of the XOOM contributors and the Kalele team were able to carve out some time in everyone’s busy schedule to connect in the wonderful city of

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Kalele Releases Developer Support Program

Carefree, AZ USA, October 7, 2019 Today Kalele released its developer support program for the XOOM/PLATFORM. There is a sliding scale of options that address the specific needs of individual developers and teams. Vaughn Vernon, Founder and Chief Architect of the XOOM/PLATFORM, expressed our vision: “We are deeply aware of and concerned for the need

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