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Building a Reactive Process Manager, Twice

On February 24, 2015, I delivered a presentation by this title to a meetup in the Netherlands. The group name is DomCode, and we had a packed house of more than 80 attendees. This topic not only drew a lot of attendees but held their rapt attention throughout more than an hour.

The first half of the presentation introduces you to Actor Model with Scala and Akka, and also includes a bit of discussion on using Actor Model with C# and Dotsero. Dotsero is my Open Source toolkit that supports using Actor Model on the .NET Platform.

The second half of the presentation explains what a Process Manager is, and how to buildĀ one. I walk through both Scala and Akka and C# and Dotsero implementations.

Now you can watch the recorded video.

The Process Manager is one of the patterns I discuss in my upcoming book, Reactive Enterprise with Actor Model.

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