Actor Model


I consider myself a refugee from the old JEE architectures. Threading was handled (naively, for the most part) by the container. Requests were synchronous, transactions distributed. The applications were deployed to a private data center, so scaling the ponderous beast was handled by scaling out (nodes to a weblogic cluster) and scaling up (increasing memory […]

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Three Implementations of XOOM/STREAMS

If you are interested in software designs that feature concurrency, I think you will enjoy this post comparing multi-threading with component development using the Actor Model and actors. Employing the Actor Model means that your components are built using actors. Actors are objects, but ones that send and receive messages asynchronously, and that support concurrent

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The XOOM/PLATFORM Architecture: Part 1

Several have requested a document describing the XOOM/PLATFORM architecture. So here it is. This specific article is kept relatively brief. This is in part to emphasize the simplicity of the XOOM/PLATFORM. It’s just not complicated or difficult to describe. The other motivation for brevity is not knowing entirely what architects and developers are looking for in

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XOOM: Our Open Source Reactive Platform

This new platform represents my vision for software development from years ago. I have taken a few side tracks along the way. Previously I felt that I would be better off trying to contribute my vision to heavily funded efforts that have multiple teams, those that would easily out perform me alone. That was a

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EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Message Bus

You have a number of disparate business systems, from purchased commodity applications, to custom developed applications that help achieve competitive advantage, to those of integrating business partners. You need all of these systems to work together, although they run on different platforms and have various service interfaces, and each set of service interfaces specifies a

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