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The Ideal Domain-Driven Design Aggregate Store?

At the 2014 DDD eXchange in NYC, a park bench discussion developed around storing Aggregates. The consensus among the DDD leadership was against Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) and the desire to come up with a better way to store Aggregates. There were comments about ORM in general being an antiquated approach. While some developers are still

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Effective Aggregate Design

This is a three-part series about using Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to implement Aggregates. Clustering Entities and Value Objects into an Aggregate with a carefully crafted consistency boundary may at first seem like quick work, but among all DDD tactical guidance, this pattern is one of the least well understood. This essay is the basis for

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Protecting Aggregate Dependencies

On October 17, I presented on Part I of my DDD Effective Aggregate Design essay at the Denver-Boulder DDD Meetup. We had a nice attendance and once again benefited from the use of Quark’s conference room. We had a good turn out with around 20 in attendance. Even after the essay and presentation, I am

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