Modeling Temporal Occurrences

The inquiry arrived: “Are time lapsed events Domain Events?” The question is the result of wrestling with whether YearEnded and similar occurrences are actually useful. The inquirer’s assertion is that rather than capturing the fact that the year ended, just send a Command that requires some outcome as a result of the fact that the year ended. Of […]

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The XOOM/PLATFORM Architecture: Part 1

Several have requested a document describing the XOOM/PLATFORM architecture. So here it is. This specific article is kept relatively brief. This is in part to emphasize the simplicity of the XOOM/PLATFORM. It’s just not complicated or difficult to describe. The other motivation for brevity is not knowing entirely what architects and developers are looking for in

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XOOM: Our Open Source Reactive Platform

This new platform represents my vision for software development from years ago. I have taken a few side tracks along the way. Previously I felt that I would be better off trying to contribute my vision to heavily funded efforts that have multiple teams, those that would easily out perform me alone. That was a

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EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Message Bus

You have a number of disparate business systems, from purchased commodity applications, to custom developed applications that help achieve competitive advantage, to those of integrating business partners. You need all of these systems to work together, although they run on different platforms and have various service interfaces, and each set of service interfaces specifies a

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