EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Resequencer

At this point we’ve covered a number of Message Routers in addition to some less complex, but essential, messaging patterns. With regard to my discussion of Request-Response, Ramesh Mandaleeka asked a few questions about Actor Model and message delivery. One of his questions was “How [do you] handle message sequencing?”

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Scatter-Gather

We’ve actually already stepped through one implementation of Scatter-Gather. This was the combination of Recipient List and Aggregator, which provides the first of two Scatter-Gather variants. The second variant—that of using a Publish-Subscribe Channel to send RequestPriceQuote messages to interested participants—is discussed here.

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Content-Based Router

As noted in my discussion on Splitter, a Content-Based Router has a different motivation. While both of these router types are designed to route a message based on message content, the Content-Based Router doesn’t break up the composite parts of one message into multiple messages as does a Splitter. Rather, it routes the whole message …

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