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Meet our Trainers – Tomasz

We love our handpicked trainers! Here is an opportunity for you to get to know Tomasz Jaskula, our trainer for French and Polish IDDD Workshops. Tomasz Jaskula Tomasz, you’ve known Vaughn for many years. How did you meet? I had the pleasure of meeting Vaughn in person in 2013 during one of the first IDDD

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Three Implementations of XOOM/STREAMS

If you are interested in software designs that feature concurrency, I think you will enjoy this post comparing multi-threading with component development using the Actor Model and actors. Employing the Actor Model means that your components are built using actors. Actors are objects, but ones that send and receive messages asynchronously, and that support concurrent

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Java-Native Cloud and Reactive Realities

I recently read an article about Cloud-Native vs Reactive development, in which the statement is made that Cloud-Native looks a lot like Reactive. The article asserts several points that could make pursuit of both Cloud-Native and Reactive seem unreachably complex.

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