Just the right software

Accelerate your software development efforts using Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Event Storming, and the vlingo/platform for rapid, high-performance,reactive system construction. We will help you design and implement message-driven architectures that yield scalable, resilient, responsive, and adaptive software that can be adjusted to the ever-changing needs of your front-running business.



Just the right way

Using our DDD strategic and tactical approaches, we help you realize leading distributed computing solutions. Using both strategic and tactical software development tools, we help you model your strategic business vision to breakthrough results. We specialize in Java and other JVM languages using our vlingo/platform toolset. We also support modeling on the .NET platform and the C# language.

Business vision

Our focus is always on providing business-driven, rather than technology-driven, solutions. Of course, choosing the right technologies is key to success. Even so, our commitment is to balance just the right technology choices with the more essential and unique business vision, leading to greater strides toward your core aspirations. In doing so, we place strong emphasis on leveraging simplicity, where possible, to force complexity to surrender to rigorous and determined software design efforts.


  • checkmark Domain-Driven Design: for core business solutions with
    distinguishing value
  • checkmark Event Storming: for rapid strategic and tactical modeling
  • checkmark Impact Mapping: to build the right thing on purpose
  • checkmark Differentiation per your core business strengths
  • checkmark Transformation away from legacy Web solutions
  • checkmark Non-blocking concurrency and parallelism to AsyncEverythingâ„¢
  • checkmark Highest-performing, scalable, and resilient software
  • checkmark Event and data streaming solutions

  • checkmark Ultra-Lightweight, Actor Model, Reactive, Ports and
    Adapters (Hexagonal), and Event-Driven Architectures
  • checkmark Microservice architectures based on DDD
  • checkmark Development of Event Sourced domain models
  • checkmark Use of Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • checkmark Use of standard Java and any JVM language
  • checkmark Protocol based type-safety by design
  • checkmark Integration between systems and microservices
  • checkmark Transformation from laboring monoliths to reactive

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