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Leverage our team of industry leaders—with decades of hands-on product development and turn your digital transformation initiative and software development projects into success.


You want business-driven solutions that matter. Kalele helps you find and surface the innovations within your business vision. We experiment and model quickly together with you using rapid approaches:

  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Strategic Modeling
  • EventStorming
  • Impact Mapping
  • Wardley Mapping
  • Cynefin Framework
  • Team Topologies
  • Domain Topo Architecture
  • Specification by Example
  • User Stories
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Our team guides you in discovery-based learning that will launch your innovative thinking with fast-paced results. We train and work with your entire team—developers and business experts alike—to succeed together in discovering maximum business value.


We focus on design, not just technology. We champion simplicity. Our commitment is to balance just the right technology choices with what is more important—your unique business vision. How we do this:
  • DDD Strategic and Tactical Modeling
  • Modern Software Architecture: Hexagonal, Event-Driven, Reactive, Message-Driven
  • Rapid Modeling Tools
Team or individual coaching sessions permit you to grow under the careful guidance of our industry-leading experts. By taking advantage of our experience, insight, and knowledge, our clients avoid costly pitfalls as they travel the road of digital transformation.


Our expertise goes beyond programming  platforms, languages, and technologies. Sure, we have experience in: Java, Kotlin, and other JVM languages, .NET with C# and F#, Elixir and Erlang, Python, and others. We help you implement:
  • Microservices
  • Modular Monoliths
  • Systems Integration
  • Events-First, Message-Driven, and Reactive Systems
  • Scalable, Resilient, Responsive, and Adaptive Software
  • DOMA—Domain-Oriented Microservices Architecture
  • DDD—Domain-Driven Design Solutions

Our Areas of Leadership

Domain Driven Design Business Solutions

Domain-Driven Design: core business solutions with distinguishing value

Event Storming

Event Storming and Extreme Modeling: rapid business innovation discovery along with essential strategic and tactical modeling steps

Domain Topo Mapping

Domain TopoMapping: design the way your services collaborate and integrate

Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping: to build the right thing on purpose; targeted experimentation


Business Differentiation: learn, focus on, and feature core business capabilities in software solutions with competitive advantage

Transformation away from manual operations as well as aging, fragile, legacy Web applications, to modernized services-based solutions

Growth scale

Highest-performing, scalable, and resilient software


Lead and contribute to a full core domain project, or participate as individual contributors with first-class development skills


Event and data streaming solutions for fast results in business analytics and intelligent decision makings


Non-blocking concurrency and parallelism to achieve blistering throughput with AsyncEverything™


Ultra-Lightweight, Actor Model, Reactive, Ports and Adapters (Hexagonal), and Event-Driven Architectures


Microservice and modularized monolith architectures based on DDD and organized around core business capabilities


Architecture, design, modeling, and project reviews

Examine Data

Development of Event Sourced domain models and use of Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)

Data Reader

Expert-level: Java, Kotlin, and any JVM language; .NET Core with C# and F#; any mainstream language


Specification by example, behavior-driven, test-driven, iterative development

Transformation from laboring monoliths to Reactive Microservices

Kalele is a partner of the Banking Industry Architecture Network

Banking Industry Architecture Network

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