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EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Dynamic Router

You may have become a bit bored with the previously discussed routing patterns, Splitter and Content-Based Router. It’s not that they aren’t necessary or useful. They absolutely are. But they are also sort of simple and much like each other, with only slight differences in the way they route messages. Sure, in an actual project we would always face additional challenges with the implementations. Still, it’s nice to move on to the more advanced Dynamic Router.

With this router there are several moving parts, and anything that’s dynamic is always more fun to code and discuss. Besides, it uses rules, and rules have a sort of intrigue about them. The rules aren’t that complex, but it’s an improvement over those observed in Splitter and Content-Based Router.

To receive messages from a Dynamic Router an Actor must register interest in a given message. With the most basic of registration processes an Actor would tell a Dynamic Router that it is interested in a specific type of message. Or there could be more elaborate rules that require the Dynamic Router to perform a multi-level look up to resolve the Actor to receive a given message.

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The full text is now available as part of my book Reactive Enterprise with Actor Model on Safari Books Online.

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