Event Modeling &
Event Sourcing 

2-Day Workshop

Join Adam Dymitruk, creator of the Event Modeling technique, for this fascinating approach to software development. Adam leads you through the highly optimized steps and techniques of this lightweight, graphical method. In this 2-day workshop he demonstrates all the ways you can design, develop, and deploy a multi-domain Event Sourcing system by means of the technique. You will be amazed at the reduction in complexity and time required to deliver the right software functionality.

Register: March 8-9

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Day 1 - What You'll Learn

Spend an intriguing 4 hours learning from the creator of Event Modeling! Learn with hands-on exercises to create an Event Model with other participants. Compare the current tooling available for the approach. Remove the technical to business chasm by showing functionality by example.

  • Motivation for the Event Modeling Language – addressing gaps in the industry, past, present and future using human-friendly mechanics
  • 4 components, 4 patterns – implications, benefits, adjustments needed
  • Strategic Event Modeling – Ensuring you are solving the right problem
  • Mapping to existing methodologies, notations, patterns and roles
  • Running your own Event Modeling Collaborative Workshops (in person and remotely)
  • Event Modeling tooling ecosystem
  • Estimating and running projects using Event Modeling
  • Data Management using Event Modeling with and without Event Sourcing, Schema Versioning and other gotchas
  • Using Functional Approaches to simplify Entities and Aggregates
  • Entity Invariants vs. Cross-Entity Invariants
  • Eliminating or Simplifying Process Managers while keeping workflow integrity
  • Keeping Test-First Development fast throughout the project
  • Completing your own event model – group exercise

Day 2 - What You'll Learn

Learn from the creator of Event Modeling how to translate an Event Model into a solution. Adam takes you through the development of a CQRS and Event Sourced system leveraging the cloud. Adam implements part of the system designed on Day-1.
  • Event Sourcing as the simplest thing that could possibly work
  • CQRS is everywhere and how the industry abuses it
  • “Serverless” mindset
  • Polyglot development – what integrates each stack
  • Command and event handlers as the best cadence known in the industry
  • Implementing Given-When-Then and Given-Then tests
  • Moving away from OOP for getting a competitive edge without functional languages
  • Better than fakes and mocks – how to start with the most important pieces
  • Multi-tenancy as a design guide
  • Sync vs Async how both are needed
  • Advanced Event Sourcing for storage side processing and projections
  • Event Store vs Kafka, why both are needed

Adam Dymitruk discusses with Vaughn the optimized steps and techniques of Event Modeling—a lightweight, graphical approach to software development.

In addition, the topic transitions to Event Sourcing techniques to manage application persistence challenges.  You’ll enjoy Adam’s unique experience.

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