Kalele Releases Developer Support Program

Carefree, AZ USA, October 7, 2019
Today Kalele released its developer support program for the XOOM/PLATFORM. There is a sliding scale of options that address the specific needs of individual developers and teams.

Vaughn Vernon, Founder and Chief Architect of the XOOM/PLATFORM, expressed our vision: “We are deeply aware of and concerned for the need to support all kinds of development efforts. This spans all the way from individual entrepreneurs and small teams bootstrapping their vision, to Fortune companies with large numbers of developers and ongoing and more frequent support needs.” He added, “In terms of vision, it’s been mine all along to consider the unique needs of a broad range in the software industry and not overlook the efforts with lean financial resources.”

Kenny Bastani, Developer Advocate for the XOOM/PLATFORM, commented on the sliding scale and support expectations: “The SLA on the number of hours before support or a resolution is provided as worse-case only. We intend to reply as soon as possible. The different levels are there only to ensure that the higher tiers are assured of timeframe.”

Kalele is offering introductory developer support in three levels: Level 1, at $75/month or $500/year for a 72-hour maximum SLA; Level 2, priced at $1000/year with a 48-hour maximum SLA; Level 3, offered at $2800 for a 24 hour maximum SLA, along with priority code patching. Additionally, Levels 2 and 3 also include a fixed number of monthly sessions with top-tier XOOM/PLATFORM developers. Kalele offers other configurable support packages, for example reflecting the needs of larger teams, which require contact with sales.

Kalele, Inc. aggressively advances software developer skills and success utilizing Domain-Driven Design and the XOOM/PLATFORM to deliver excellent software solutions. Kalele has a unique software-maker culture that relentlessly advocates developer excellence and helping them aspire to be their individual best. Serving as champions of simplicity requires special discipline and determination of the Kalele team that is worthwhile since it yields successful outcomes. Kalele utilizes strategic and tactical software design along with messaging and event-driven, Reactive architecture and tooling. Exchanging messages is the way that objects were meant to be programmed, and facilitates the best means to make software models explicit and run efficiently on modern hardware architectures that feature many CPU cores. By making it simple to embrace the microservices architecture and develop fluent, message-driven software models with Domain-Driven Design, Kalele helps businesses differentiate their enterprise.

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