Hamburg, Germany

The Architecture and Modeling Learning Event

Vaughn Vernon and the authors of his Signature Series co-hosted a free online conference at WPS in Hamburg, Germany May 12, 2023.

Vaughn Vernon’s Signature Series guides readers to greater maturity in software development and success with business-oriented practices.

This event’s talks look at organic refinement with a variety of approaches and cover the best use of related underlying technologies.
This playlist contains the material that was presented. We hope you enjoy it.

Presenters at the The Architecture and Modeling Learning Event in Hamburg, Germany.

Henning Schwentner

Domain Storytelling

Susanne Kaiser

Adaptive Socio-Technical Systems

Steffen Hartmann

The Idea of Product Architecture

Eoin Woods

A Conversation on Continuous Architecture

Joseph Emison

The Impact of Managed Services on Modern Software Architecture

Vlad Khononov

Balancing Coupling in Software Design

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