Go beyond the theory of DDD and see how your team can actually use DDD to accelerate your strategic initiatives in a way that helps you design for the business’ competitive advantage. In this three-day workshop for senior and mid-level software developers and architects, emphasis is placed on software development as a craft by embracing software design in source code that works within the framework of agile processes, and de-emphasizes attempts to solve real strategic business software initiatives by throwing technology at the problem. Learn more.

This intensive, two-day, hands-on workshop teaches you DDD within an explicitly event-oriented microservices business domain. You will learn both strategic and tactical design. This workshop is specially designed for mid-level and senior software developers and architects who are interested in applying event-driven and microservices architectures using DDD. Learn more.

Thorough and exhaustive, this one-day, hands-on Managing DDD Workshop consists of short lectures, exercises, and innovative game-play leading you to a clear understanding of how to leverage DDD, putting it to use on your Agile project. It’s a class that is well balanced for business experts and technical stakeholders alike. Learn more.