Reactive Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of individuals in Amsterdam who participated in the Reactive Domain-Driven Design with the XOOM/PLATFORM day.  Wow! That’s a mouthfull!

Some of the XOOM contributors and the Kalele team were able to carve out some time in everyone’s busy schedule to connect in the wonderful city of Amsterdam for an exciting XOOM event.

I would like to say that the excitement in the room was palpable but everyone was concentrating on getting components downloaded and internet connected. We’re all about honesty here folks. I can say that everyone present was excited and drawn to the simplistic power of using the tools in the XOOM toolbox to create fluent and expressive code.

The day began with our two most important principles “Simplicity and DDD Friendly” this is a fundamental, it makes us unique and it’s a rarity in complex and overloaded large enterprise systems something everyone in the room was dealing with.

As the day progressed it was clear we had some work to do on some things but to paraphrase an author “if pain comes let it come quickly as we have a life to live” we addressed certain pain points in a respectful and creative way typifying the way Vaughn has created XOOM to be. Approaching development in a way that infuses the developer with creativity and be inspired to innovate.

Some of the outcomes from this event have already been fixed, changed, implemented as we have now released VS 0.9.2-RC3!
Also suggested was to create a slack channel for our community already 56 strong and growing:

This is just the beginning.

Enjoy coding again. Go beyond yourself. Join the movement.

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