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The XOOM Open Source Project was created to address the two most fundamental challenges facing enterprises when implementing their complex digital transformation initiatives:

  1. A modern way of thinking about software development
  2. To build high quality and enterprise-grade microservices and cloud apps in record time

The Project addresses these challenges by offering a state of the art, open source SDK, comprising of various tools, libraries as well as support and documentation, so that enterprises around the world can focus on solving their business problems and less on solving a technology building blocks puzzle. XOOM is also optimized for Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture (DOMA) and for use with Domain-Driven Design (DDD), so developers and enterprises can build and implement their modern software projects with a business focus, minimal effort, and high efficiency.

For more technical details, please visit XOOM’s Documentation.

Backed by an enthusiastic and expert community, The XOOM Open Source Project is poised for success and we are off to an amazing jumpstart toward success. A great number of developers and enterprises around the world are already using XOOM Products and Services, and the ecosystem is growing everyday. Our open source community can always use additional passionate contributors, so please contact us for further information.

We love helping developers increase their successes in building modern, efficient, software systems that address business strategic differentiation. We love our diverse team and giving them paid work. Thanks for supporting us as we support others! ❤

Major Components and Services of XOOM Open Source Software


A modern and open-source platform SDK to efficiently build high-quality cloud apps & microservices – Optimized for Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture (DOMA).


XOOM’s visual designer enables rapid modeling to low-code implementation of cloud-native apps and microservices; transition to full-code development.

SDK Libraries

More than 20 major SDK components that provide a range of features to support rapid, cloud-native and microservices with highly-scalable, concurrent/parallel processing.


Cloud-Managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, Powered by XOOM for customers who do not wish to host their own XOOM stack to run Cloud apps and Microservices.

Support & Training

Offering a variety of support tiers, training –public and private so developers and enterprises around the world can get their projects up and running in no time.


Series of Technical books guiding developers building Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture (DOMA) apps & Microservices.

Support Us

We need your generous support to continue our momentum. 

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I truly believe in open source software and open collaboration. I am passionate about DDD, reactive programming and Java. The XOOM is one of the very few projects which gathers these characteristics.
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