Symbols/Icons for Event Storming

I have been wondering what the Event Storming experience is like for people who are color blind. Is it painful, difficult, or doable? Here are some comments I have received:

The answer I came up with is to add really simple symbols or icons to the top-left corner of the sticky. Of course it could be the top-right corner, but in a left-to-right language and culture the other option seems reasonable. So, here are some samples that could be used in the case where colors are difficult for some to distinguish:

Note that some of these symbols are those I chose for my book Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model.

Additionally, I find that one temporary problem for some who see colors well is remembering the Event Storming color legend. Thus, these symbols may also be helpful when introducing those new to this learning and modeling tool to participate more quickly at the outset.

I discuss how you can use Event Storming in my book Domain-Driven Design Distilled.

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