Deep Dive Workshops

Aggregates Process Management and Sagas

Join us live, online for 2 half days of deep-dive instruction with Vaughn Vernon.

Use this powerful domain modeling tool to shape, structure, and compose, transactional boundaries around a meaningful whole concept. Transform your understanding of Entity thinking into one that scales broadly and performs under high load, all while protecting valuable and time-sensitive business state. This deep-dive workshop includes how-to on Aggregate persistence as you design and implement multiple Aggregates. Students should be prepared to implement designs. 

Takeaways include:

  • Entities and Value Objects
  • Aggregate Concepts and Constraints
  • Commands, Domain Events, and Queries
  • Pitfalls and Being Wrong
  • Design-Level EventStorming
  • Ubiquitous Language
  • Testing
  • Mutable State Transition
  • Domain Events without Event Sourcing
  • Event Sourcing and How To Test
  • Functional Core
  • Modeling Uncertainty
  • Persistence: State, Domain Events, Command and Query Models
May 17-18 AMERICAS May 17-18 EUROPE

Architect, design, and implement long-running processes using both choreography and orchestration to carry out distributed, autonomous workflows. Tame complex, multi-step, business-driven operations that incorporate specialities among multiple subsystems, leading to an ultimate result. Learn to coordinate work between several components using sequential and parallel steps by employing fork-and-join semantics. This deep-dive workshop includes the how-to on process step tracking and persistence as you design and implement processes. Students should be prepared to implement designs.

Takeaways include:

  • Processes: What and How
  • Temporal Coupling and Decoupling
  • Aggregates, Commands, and Domain Events
  • Choreography vs Orchestration
  • Eventual Consistency
  • State Machines
  • Message-Driven and Event-Driven
  • Peer-to-Peer vs Pub-Sub
  • Published Language and Schema Registry
  • Passive-Active, Reactive, and the Actor Model
  • Choreographed Processes
  • Orchestrated Processes
  • Designing and Implementing
  • Process Managers and Sagas
  • Persistence: Event Sourcing, Command Sourcing
May 26-27 AMERICAS May 26-27 EUROPE

Deep Dive FAQ

You asked for more! We delivered. These intensive workshops are our answer to your request for more training on these specific subjects.  


We begin with an immediate dive into the subject of the workshop without reviewing Domain-Driven Design basics. Using a 2 half-day format will allow you to digest the information, practice it and revisit the material so you can confidently move forward with your implementation.  Plan on a code-intensive workshop.


Although we highly recommend you take the IDDD Workshop before the Deep Dive series, it is not a requirement.


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