Domain Storytelling

Learn to have meaningful conversations about business processes and software requirements by telling and visualizing stories. A versatile tool in every DDD practitioner’s tool belt and equally useful to product owners, managers, business analysts, software architects, and developers.

In two half days, you will learn to prepare and moderate Domain Storytelling workshops for…

  • understanding a domain,
  • finding boundaries for services and bounded contexts,
  • establishing a shared language between domain experts and IT expert,
  • designing software-supported business processes,

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Stefan Hofer and Henning Schwentner
Learn more from Vaughn Vernon, Stefan Hofer, and Henning Schwentner in this episode of the
Add Dot podcast.

Day 1 - What You Will Learn

  • Pictographic language
  • The workshop format and the role of the moderator
  • Overview of purposes
  • Choosing the right scope
  • Modeling a new domain and finding boundaries within it

Day 2 - What You Will Learn

  • Modeling software-supported to-be processes
  • Deriving user stories and user story maps
  • Choosing between Domain Storytelling and other modeling tools like EventStorming
  • Integrating Domain Storytelling into the software development process

The workshop does not require programming skills. It is suited for people working as software developers, user experience designers, Scrum masters, product owners, product managers, project managers, and business analysts.

Read the blog post Why EventStorming practitioners should try Domain Storytelling by Henning Schwentner and Stefan Hofer.

Vaughn Vernon, Stefan Hofer, and Henning Schwentner discuss the origins of Domain Storytelling, the importance of Collaborative Modeling to the successful outcome of a software project, and tips for learning the technique.

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