Fast Flow of Change

Wardley Mapping, DDD, & Team Topologies

In a world of rapid changes and increasing uncertainties, organizations have to continuously adapt and evolve to remain competitive and excel in the market.

In such a dynamic business landscape organizations need to design for adaptability. Designing for adaptability requires understanding the landscape organizations are operating in, identifying patterns of change, applying principles for organizational fitness, and making mindful strategic decisions to adapt change.

Organizations need to aim for building systems and team organizations aligned to the business needs and business strategy and evolving them for adaptability to new changes and unknown environments.

19-21 May, 2021 Euro Tickets    May 19-21, 2021 USD Tickets

What you’ll learn and how to apply it

  • Introducing the three perspectives of Wardley Mapping, Domain-Driven Design, and Team Topologies
  • Illustrating how the combination of these three perspectives can help to build adaptive systems for change
  • Identifying the components of a value chain of a use-case example visualized as a Wardley Map
  • Applying strategic Domain-Driven Design as part of the value chain of a Wardley Map including domain modeling
  • Organizing teams implementing the value chain based on bounded contexts and Team Topologies
  • Evolving the value chain of a use-case example adapting change from a business strategy, software architecture, and team organization perspective

This training course is for you because…

This workshop brings different perspectives and techniques together from business strategy (Wardley Mapping), software architecture (Domain-Driven Design), and team organization (Team Topologies) as a powerful toolset to design, build and evolve adaptive systems and team structures for a fast flow of change.

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