Innovating With
Domain-Driven Design

Achieve innovation and transformation based on strategic DDD
2 half days

Achieving a clear understanding of strategic Domain-Driven Design from a business perspective is now possible with this workshop. The course delivers a rich set of expert guidance and content, including examples and exercises in each module. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate in order to reach maximum benefit.

Who Should Attend

All of these roles: domain experts, product managers, product owners, business analysts, and other business stakeholders who want to accomplish strategic innovation with software.

Day 1:
Innovation in the Digital Transformation Age

  • Transform by Innovation
    • Lift and Shift Is Not Innovation
    • Anyone Can Make Ordinary Software, and Most Do
    • Determining Obvious, Complicated, Complex, and Chaos: Cynefin Framework
    • Innovate: Small Scientific Steps
      • It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon
  • Essential Strategic Learning Tools for Experimentation and Discovery
    • Goal-based Innovation: Mapping for Strategic Impact
    • Experimentation: No-Regret Moves; Failure Is Not Failing
    • EventStorming
    • Concrete Scenarios and Specification by Example
  • Introduction to Strategic Domain-Driven Design
    • Domains, Subdomains, Bounded Contexts

Day 2:
Business Architecture

  • Business Capabilities and Business Processing
    • Candidate Bounded Contexts
    • Stepping Along a Business Process: EventStorming
  • Advanced Strategic Domain-Driven Design
    • Essential Context Mapping
    • Sagas: Choreography and Orchestration
  • Agile Should Be Simple
    • Capturing Modeling and Discovery Outcomes in Agile Documentation
    • Optimizing Your Organization: Team Topologies
    • How Teams Work: Types of Teams
    • Agile Execution
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