Innovating With
Domain-Driven Design

Achieve innovation and transformation based on strategic DDD
2 half days

Achieving a clear understanding of strategic Domain-Driven Design from a business perspective is now possible with this workshop. The course delivers a rich set of expert guidance and content, including examples and exercises in each module. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate in order to reach maximum benefit.

Day 1:
Innovation in the Digital Transformation Age

  • Transform by Innovation
    • Lift and Shift Is Not Innovation
    • Anyone Can Make Ordinary Software, and Most Do
    • Determining Obvious, Complicated, Complex, and Chaos: Cynefin Framework
    • Innovate: Small Scientific Steps
      • It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon
  • Essential Strategic Learning Tools for Experimentation and Discovery
    • Goal-based Innovation: Mapping for Strategic Impact
    • Experimentation: No-Regret Moves; Failure Is Not Failing
    • EventStorming
    • Concrete Scenarios and Specification by Example
  • Introduction to Strategic Domain-Driven Design
    • Domains, Subdomains, Bounded Contexts

Day 2:
Business Architecture

  • Business Capabilities and Business Processing
    • Candidate Bounded Contexts
    • Stepping Along a Business Process: EventStorming
  • Advanced Strategic Domain-Driven Design
    • Essential Context Mapping
    • Sagas: Choreography and Orchestration
  • Agile Should Be Simple
    • Capturing Modeling and Discovery Outcomes in Agile Documentation
    • Optimizing Your Organization: Team Topologies
    • How Teams Work: Types of Teams
    • Agile Execution
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