Reactive Architecture and Development

Put Reactive Architecture with DDD to Use

Reactive software architecture and development is becoming essential to delivering message-driven solutions that are responsive, resilient, elastic. By aligning scale and throughput with business-driven model fluency of your core initiatives, you and your team can achieve differentiating innovation.

Your systems can reach full efficiency, including: performance, throughput, and scale with Reactive responsive, resilient, elastic, event-driven, and message-driven solutions. Fiscally-minded technical stakeholders see the urgent need to partner with business experts to create software that delivers critical, differentiating value. Innovating with maximum efficiency is demanded to lead in today’s fast-paced commercial markets. Complex business challenges coupled with cloud-based distributed computing—massive concurrency, latency, and the uncertainty of correctly sequenced time-critical results—must be tackled together.

This workshop introduces Reactive architecture and programming to leverage the use of Domain-Oriented Microservices Architecture (DOMA) and Domain-Driven Design (DDD) along with full Reactive properties. Learn how this can be effectively delivered on the Java and .NET platforms.

August 17-19 || USD Tickets 17-19 August || Euro Tickets

New & Updated Course Material
3 Half-Day Sessions

  • Build your Reactive architecture and programming foundation.
  • Expand your understanding with advanced application and system design approaches.
  • Special attention to Microservices and well-structured Monoliths.
  • Deep exploration into architecture using:
    REST—scalable and high-performance persistence—CQRS and Event Sourcing— Event-Driven Architecture
  • Learn how to leverage clustered compute grids.
  • Accelerate development using the XOOM components.

Day 1

Reactive Architecture and Programming

The first half-day of the workshop builds your foundation in reactive architecture and programming. You will learn Event-Driven Architecture and other patterns such as multi-threading with the Actor Model, strategic design and tactical modeling, and how to solve common distributed computing challenges using the full Reactive platform with its component-based API.

  • What Is Reactive Software Development and Why Use It?
  • Why Is Multithreading Hard?
  • How to Deal With Parallel and Concurrent Processing
  1. Strategic Design
  2. Tactical Design
  3. Reactive within Domain-Driven Design
  • Message-Driven Components
  • Actors as a Model of Computation
  • Introduction to Virtual Actors and Grid Computing
  • Implementing an Actor
  • Implementing Another Actor
  • Microservice Resiliency with Supervision
  • What Do You Mean, Uncertainty?
  • Tackling Uncertainty in the Domain Model
  • Using Scheduling and Notices
  • Product Discovery With EventStorming
  • Modeling for Business Differentiation
  • Microservice As Bounded Context
  • Actors as Business Components
  • Modeling Inside Your Aggregates

Day 2

Building Business Services and Systems

The second half-day adds knowledge on the foundation laid on day one by featuring vital architecture and patterns using a services mindset to build whole systems. This will help you build business-driven systems using Reactive platform components specifically designed to help you succeed.
  • Service Registration and Discovery
  • Integration and Collaboration with Messaging Exchanges
  • Managing DDD Published Languages with the Schema Registry
  • Resources
  • Requests and Responses
  • REST-Based Event Notification
  • Separating Behavior and State
  • Simplicity with Actor-based Aggregates
  • Reactive Object Storage, State Storage, and Event Sourcing
  • CQRS Commands, Queries, and Projections
  • Event Sourcing Journals
  • Virtual Actor Components and Aggregates
  • Grid Object Spaces
  • Exchanges and Bridges
  • Senders and Receivers
  • Adapters and Mappers
  • Process Managers
  • Sagas

Day 3

Accelerating DDD Service Implementation

The third half-day provides the ultimate design and implementation tools to accelerate the development of your project services. Easily design end-to-end, bug-free services with REST resources, domain model, and persistence. Click your way to full Event Sourcing or KV-State persistence along with CQRS projections and queries. Includes multiple distributed services exercises to deliver a working Event-Driven Architecture.

  • Visually design your domain model Aggregates and Domain Events
  • Define REST resources that auto-dispatch requests to the model and generate responses
  • Describe your persistence choices, including Event Sourcing and CQRS
  • Choose deployment options including Docker, Kubernetes, and API Gateway
  • REST, Aggregates, Event Sourcing, CQRS
  • Process Choreography
  • REST, Aggregates, Event Sourcing, CQRS
  • Process Choreography
  • REST, Aggregates, KV-State, CQRS
  • Process Choreography
  • Spaces
  • REST, Aggregates, KV-State, CQRS
  • Process Choreography
August 17-19 || USD Tickets 17-19 August || Euro Tickets

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