Strategic Design: Architecture and Modeling

Strategic design is the most broadly applicable of the Domain-Driven Design toolset, and its use is vital. Without a deep understanding of differentiating strategy driven by business knowledge among all stakeholders, software is nothing more than the interpretations of programmers. Their guesswork follows layers of previous requirements interpretations passed down the business hierarchy. Are guesswork and individual interpretations what businesses want? Without certain effort to engage with business leaders, even the most skilled software leaders are ill-suited to deliver true strategic results.

Along with vital strategy, architecture is critically important to all software systems. Yet, with an over emphasis on technology, two-thirds of the critical software architecture influences is missing from the equation. To make architecture add up requires 360 xenial behavior and activities among the entirety of stakeholders: Friendly collaboration with those who are often considered strangers within the same organization. This highlights the need for a fusion of all three architectural influences: business, social, and technical.

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12 - 13, 2024
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Vaughn Vernon Instructor

What You Will Learn

  • Xenial Behavior and Activities
  • Dialogue-based Communication
  • Geometry of Meaning
  • Business, Social, and Technical Architectures
  • Exploration, Experimentation, and Discovery-based Learning
  • DDD Strategic Modeling
  • Domains, Subdomains, and Bounded Contexts
  • Problem Space and Solution Space
  • Add-On Strategic Learning Tools: Cynefin Framework, Impact Mapping, Wardley Mapping, EventStorming
  • Strategic and Supporting Teams; Team Topologies
  • Strategic Legacy Transformation
  • Architecture Diagramming
  • Architectural and Cohesive Modularization
  • Structural, Reactive, Distributed, and Event-Driven Architectures
  • Choreographed and Orchestrated Processes
  • Cloud Managed Services and Serverless Architecture
  • Minimum Tactical Modeling Tools

Who Should Attend

Best for Leaders

This interactive workshop is for software leaders like you who want to apply strategic design in their teams: Software decision makers, including CIOs, CTOs, Principals, Directors, Product Managers; Technical leaders, such as Chief Architects, Enterprise Architects, Software Architects, Team/Tech Leads, Senior Engineers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Consultants


  • Optionally, read Domain-Driven Design Distilled beforehand. It’s 160 pages and generally requires four hours to read: available in print, ebook, and the O’Reilly platform
  • We will have several hands-on exercises
  • Your preferred note-taking device
  • Computer with internet access
  • No previous experience with DDD is required

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