Collaborative Web API Design

3-day Workshop

An API design that looks good to the designer may not be the best design to solve real-world problems. Following an API design process encourages communication within the organization and between the organization and the developers ultimately tasked with integrating the API.

This 3-day hands-on workshop presents a design process that is flexible to meet the needs of a single API product or mid-to-large scale enterprise API platform. It combines an outside-in design approach coupled with techniques used in Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The process focuses on the delivery of business value with a customer-centric focus.

The workshop is designed for product managers, architects, and developers responsible for designing and delivering internal or public web APIs.

September 22-24 || USD Tickets    22-24 September || Euro Tickets

8:00am-12:00pm (EDT)/ 14:00-18:00 (CEST)

James Higginbotham

Vaughn Vernon interviews James on our podcast.

What You Will Learn

  • Create alignment of understanding and scope across business, product, and technology
  • Implement collaborative techniques such as job stories, big picture EventStorming, and activity mapping
  • Map business and customer requirements into digital capabilities that will form the basis of one or more APIs to deliver the desired outcomes
  • Identify bounded contexts and implement context mapping to identify APIs, organize teams, and encourage reuse
  • Create a high-level REST-based API design for each identified API to meet the desired outcomes identified during alignment
  • Document the API design using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS)
  • Ensure successful delivery by using various prototyping and mocking techniques to identify and address design issues early
Fran Fabrizio
IT Director - Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation - U of Minnesota
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I think last week was one of the most productive weeks we've had as a team in years. Every day before and after training there were small huddles of staff talking about this stuff, as well as some late night Slack conversations about APIs.
Scott Dodson
Director, IT - Hilton
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His focus on the "big picture" (the end-user's perspective) was key to our success
Kelly-Ann Pinnock
Product Owner, Subway/IPC Cooperative
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I’ve heard really positive feedback from the team, and especially from our business stakeholders on the API session. They found it hugely valuable.

This training course is for you because…

This training emphasizes not only the technical details of designing an API, but also the skills and processes necessary to incorporate non-technical concerns when designing an API. Product managers as well as experienced developers will learn to think of API design from an outcome-based perspective, all in a collaborative format.

Adopting an API Design-First Approach

What is API design first?  How can the Align-Define-Design-Refine process help guide your organization? James explains here.

What is different about this training?

The workshop goes beyond API design fundamentals often found in self-paced, video-based training subscriptions. Attendees receive instructor-led guidance on API designs throughout all exercises. They will also gain the understanding of how to incorporate collaborative API design throughout their day-to-day processes.

Listen to our podcast interview!

Vaughn Vernon and James Higginbotham discuss APIs and how startups and large companies benefit from his work.

How often will this training be available?

 After years of delivering corporate workshops exclusively,  take advantage of the first time James is making this curriculum available publicly,  We are not sure how many more public workshops James will offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

22-24 September || Euro Tickets    September 22-24 || USD Tickets

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Principles of Web API Design

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