Your fastest development path to bug-free cloud applications and microservices

Build Cloud Apps and Microservices as Easy As

Make sure you have installed:

  • Java 8+
  • Maven 3.x.x
  • Docker Desktop 18.x

Use XOOM Designer, our low-code visual modeling tool.

If you prefer free-style coding, use XOOM Turbo and related components.

Utilize our extensive libraries to accelerate development.

Deploy to cloud and voilà!

"I think the XOOM Designer is an extremely powerful tool to model and get applications running quickly!"

XOOM Features and Benefits

Smaller footprint – 90% less RAM and overall far less hardware requirements

Whether in low- or full-code software development life cycle mode, you have complete access to all source code

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Hundreds of combined connectors to services, data sources, and topics/exchanges

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Digital transformation at your own pace. XOOM SDK helps you gradually transform without business disruption.

Ideal for fast experimentation, hypothesis testing, and building out highly scalable systems

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Highly scalable data and compute grid supporting concurrent/parallel processing of DDD aggregates with an event-driven architecture

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Event Storming

Built-in support for event sourcing and CQRS

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Flexible security via XOOM HTTP filters

See Auth and HTTP

Serverless capable with infrastructure support for multi-core

Massively concurrent/parallel GraphQL server

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Rapidly deliver fully functioning microservices with XOOM’s visual modeler and switch from low-code to full-code anytime

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Auto-dispatch from REST and event-driven messaging directly to domain model

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Supports both Java and .NET

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Main Components of XOOM SDK


Effective API and runtime that jumpstarts your project by lightening the load of building high-scale, top-performing, cloud applications and microservices.


Rapid model design tool produces low-code cloud applications and microservices that transition to full-code software development life cycle at any point.


Lifts solutions to the realm of fluent domain-driven models with scalable runtime efficiency. Includes smart-caching, message-based object grid, message exchanges, and sagas.

HTTP Server

Lightweight, embedded server is fully asynchronous, supporting super fast REST-based APIs with the high-performing response times that your applications and microservices demand.


Scheme registry maintains type-safe and versioned information exchange definitions for events, commands, documents, data, and envelopes, reinforcing cross-platform integration.


High-performance storage components supporting journal, key-value, and object storage, featuring advanced patterns such as CQRS and event sourcing ledger-based persistence.


Leverage Reactive Streams with our simple, fluent stream processing API. Process streaming data at scale with high-performance concurrency and parallelism.


Our type-safe actor model runtime with message-driven concurrency that delivers high-performance responsiveness, elastic scalability, and bulkheading resiliency.


Our clustering support provisions scalable, fault-tolerant applications and microservices. Provides the foundation for our grid with smart caching and inter-node messaging.
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